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Dark Web Investigations

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All registrations go through the NorthEast CounterDrug Training Center at:

This course will include detailed information on popular “Darknet Market Places” where most criminal activity occurs, and examples of various ways to access the dark web with an emphasis on operational security. Participants will have the opportunity to establish covert dark web accounts and crypto currency wallets and will utilize information to identify targets.

Your Instructor:
Joe Pannullo is a retired Police Officer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, where he worked for 22 years. He spent the last 18 years as a Detective assigned to the Narcotics Section. During his 18 years in the Narcotics Section, Joe was assigned to the Clandestine Lab Team and Street Level Narcotics Team, was a sworn Federal Task Force Officer (TFO) assigned to a DEA Task Force for five years and was a Training Coordinator for the Narcotics Section.
Joe worked undercover for ten years both on the Street Team dealing with low & mid-level dealers as well as working undercover on the DEA Task Force dealing with mainly Cartel Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTO). He is a certified expert witness by the courts for clandestine drug labs, undercover operations, and general narcotics-related operations.
At the beginning of 2012, Joe was selected to become one of only 12 members (2 teams of 6 negotiators) of LVMPD’s Crisis Negotiator Team and served on that team until his retirement. During his tenure as a Narcotic Investigator and a Crisis Negotiator, Joe learned various methods to exploit social media websites and smartphone applications to quickly gather intelligence on the targets of his investigations or the subjects that he was negotiating with. Based on these experiences, Joe began teaching Social Media Investigations for LVMPD and other agencies in the surrounding area. Joe retired from LVMPD to pursue his passion for teaching and training other law enforcement personnel. He believes his training and experiences working for one of the top police departments in the United States, will greatly benefit other police officers and agencies to learn different police concepts that can improve the way some do police work and possibly prevent a tragedy from happening.
Joe received numerous awards and accommodations to include the Medal of Honor, Meritorious Service Award, and the Life Saving Award. In 2014, Joe was chosen for the Red Ribbon Narcotics Detective of the Decade Award, which is named in honor of DEA Agent Kiki Camarena killed in the line of duty.
Joe is currently a Level 1 Reserve Deputy with the Gem County Sheriff’s Department where he joined in 2019. Joe was promoted to Captain and in charge of the entire Reserve Unit. Joe’s passion and commitment for still serving the community allows him to apply his skillsets that he currently teaches to officers all over the country.

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