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Detecting Deception

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About the course

This course is designed to enhance the participants interviewing skills by teaching them how to recognize truthful and deceptive behaviors. There are only three ways for people to be deceptive: handwriting, body language, and verbal statements.
This training covers all of the ways people can be deceptive and will improve the ability to recognize deceptive and truthful behaviors. Developing the ability to recognize and detect deception will allow participants to conduct more effective inter-views/interrogation strategies. Law enforcement professionals and civilian investigators alike will benefit from this unique and interactive training.

• Recognizing emotional stability in writing & verbal evasiveness
• Signs of aggression
• Signs of deception
• Sexual aspects in handwriting
• Signature analysis
• Handwriting zones
• Various personality traits identified in handwriting
• The examination of the writing of historical figures, murderers, as well as your own handwriting style
• Signs of stress manifesting in the form of body language
• Voice pitch
• Liar's triangle
• Posture
• Barriers
• Eye movement, Gestures
• Length of truthful statements
• Steps for evaluating statements
• Identifying key words and phrases
• Importance of pronouns

Your Instructor: Mike Ruggiero
Sergeant Mike Ruggiero was in law enforcement for over 30 years and with the Orange County Sheriff's Office in Orlando, Florida since 1991. Sergeant Ruggiero has over 20 years of experience investigating major cases, such as: Sex Crimes, Internal Investigations, Robbery, and Homicide. Sergeant Ruggiero has completed numerous hours of training in the fields of investigation, interviews, graphology, and statement analysis. He has provided thousands of hours of advanced training in the fields of investigations, interviewing, and detecting deception through identifying aspects of handwriting, body language, and statement analysis. Sergeant Ruggiero has been involved in the investigation of several hundred homicides as both an investigator and the sergeant of the Homicide Squad. He was involved in the high-profile investigations of Caylee Anthony and Markeith Loyd. Mike earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology from Columbia College in 2012 and has provided instruction for Law Enforcement Officers throughout Central Florida, Florida Highway Patrol, the International Chiefs of Police Association, the Florida Homicide Investigators Association, the US Peace Corps, as well as various other police departments and security professionals across the US. Mike has been proud to be an instructor with the Public Agency Training Council (PATC) since 2018, as well as continuing to provide training as a lead instructor at Valencia College in Orlando and Daytona State College. In addition, Mike has provided instruction to Security Investigators with Walt Disney World, Coca-Cola, Universal Studios, Marriott, Sea World, Hilton, Orange County Government, Orange County School Board, Rosen International and many other private sector organizations.

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