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Drug Enforcement Tactics for Patrol

Course length


About the course

Signal 13 Training LLC ‘s Drug Enforcement for Patrol Officers course is designed to enhance the overall
safety, tactics, and operational effectiveness of patrol officers interested in conducting street and midlevel drug enforcement investigations.
The course will demonstrate how to initiate drug investigations using proactive traffic stops, street
contacts, surveillance and informant information. Investigative techniques will be taught that will assist
uniformed officers in taking the initial drug arrest to the “next level” and furthering their case.
Actual cases will be analyzed to illustrate the investigative strategies that will be taught. A range of cases
will be profiled that originated from traffic stops, information derived from informants, and follow up
investigation from observed suspicious activity. Emphasis will be placed on how to maximize the
successful prosecution of these cases as well as how to expand the scope of the investigation to
generate further arrests as well as drug and illegal asset seizures.
Upon completion of this course the student will be able to achieve the goals of basic drug investigations;
safely and effectively work with informants; implement effective investigative techniques that will allow
them to develop cases further and have a greater impact on the communities.

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