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Ethics and Liability Prevention

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About the course

Liability Prevention & Risk Management in a Nutshell
This is an applied ethics training program for law enforcement supervisors, managers and administrators on how to lead and manage officer behavior in regard to professional ethics and standards. Never has there been a greater need for strong, committed leadership in this arena.
Particularly in certain high-risk areas, ethical behavior requires more than just a generalized desire or intent to be virtuous. In the defining moment, without needed preparation, it’s often just too late. The officer is literally unable to meet ethical standards. Preparation is critical.
From constitutional law to human relations skills to physical fitness, creating and maintaining critical professional knowledge and needed skills and abilities will determine, in countless situations, whether or not an officer will, or even can, respond virtuously – ethically.
This program discusses, illustrates and demonstrates what good leaders can do to assure that ethical standards remain high – not just by good ethical role-modeling, but also by utilization of proactive and reactive tools to enable and assure proper ethical performance.
Topics Include …
• Virtue Ethics vs. Applied Ethics
• Root Cause Analysis
• Hiring “Good” People
• Ethical Preparation: Finding True North
• Building & Maintaining Duty & Honor Values
• Accountability to Standards
• Lack of Integrity or Lack Of … ?
• Keeping Faith with the Oath of Office
• Remaining Honest and Fair: Providing Help
• Dealing with Untruthfulness
• Minimizing Injury & Death
• Use of Force & High-Speed Driving
• Assuring Respect for Human Dignity
• Maintaining Needed Physical Fitness
• Inspiration & Trust Building
• Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Health
• Honor, Principle & Compassion
• Bias Fighting
• The Roles of Policy & Training
• Appropriate Supervision & Discipline
• The Slippery Slope of Misconduct

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