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EVOC Skills Refresher

Course length


About the course

Class Hours: 0700-1530

Agency must provide a vehicle for this training and there is a maximum of 8 enrollments from the NVCJA. Limit 4 per agency until 2 weeks before class.
This class is not designed for those who need EVOC Remedial training (see EVOC Remedial)
The EVOC Skills Refresher class emphasizes all aspects of safe emergency vehicle operations and refreshes the awareness and skills utilized in both low speed precision driving and emergency response situations. The class will focus on:
• Vehicle Inspections (Discussion of Ford Police Interceptor AWD platforms)
• Overview of Electronic Stability Control
• Combined Skills Course (precision driving)
• Line of Travel Briefing/Exercise
• Challenge Course (High speed maneuvering on asphalt/gravel surfaces, apex of a turn)
• Skid Control
• Emergency Response
• Solo Pursuit
• 2-Car Pursuit
• Stop Stick deployment
• Below 100 & Va. Code 46.2-920 review

Other training dates are: May 25, June 15, June 17, June 22, June 24, Nov.16, Nov. 18, Dec. 7, Dec. 9 and Dec. 21, 2021

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