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FAA UAS Part 107 Prep Class

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About the course

The FAA Part 107 regulations allow drone pilots to fly drones for business and commercial purposes, including public safety missions. Public Safety Agencies wishing to start and maintain an Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) team have two options available to them to legally operate. The first is to obtain a Certificate of Authorization (COA), which is time consuming to obtain, or have each pilot on the team earn a Part 107 drone pilot license issued by the FAA. In order to obtain the FAA Part 107 Drone Pilot license, the individual must pass an exam issued by the FAA on a variety of topics relevant to drone operation.
This course is designed to provide the groundwork and preparation for students to sit for the two-hour, 60 question FAA Part 107 test*.
A partial list of topics the course will cover:
• Regulations under Part 107
• Airspace Classifications
• Flight Restrictions
• Charts
• Weather
• Maintenance and preflight
• Crew Resource Management
• Aeronautical Decision Making
• Pilot physiology
• Hazards to flight
• Emergency Procedures
• Part 107 exam composition

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