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Firearms Instructors Course @ Arlington Range

Course length


About the course

This course will be held at the Arlington County / Airport Authority Range – Dulles
Dulles range facility (44778 Cabin Rd Chantilly, VA 20151) the provided address will bring you to the airport access gate on Stone Croft road. Please park in the lot off to the right side and a range instructor will escort you in at 0705.

Pre-Requirements: Pre-Qualification on the Virginia TQC course of fire at 90% or higher and successful completion of a General Instructor’s course
All students must be trained on rifle and shotgun prior to attending this course.

This course is intended for personnel who will providing firearms instruction to agency personnel. Topics include but are not limited to:

• Safety Rules and Practices
• Range Management
• Ballistics and Armor
• Lesson plan and Drill Development
• Legal considerations for firearms instructors
• Shooting Fundamentals and Target Analysis
• Low Light Shooting
• Reactive Targets
• Officer Survival
• Nomenclature

Students will be required to pre-qualify on Day 1 at a score of 90% or higher on the Virginia TQC 50 round course of fire. Failure to achieve 90% will result in the participant being excused from the class.

Required Equipment:
Pistol - 1,000 rounds
Rifle - 500 Rounds
Shotgun - 200 Rounds (Slug preferred)
Duty weapon with 3 magazines (minimum)
Duty belt
Patrol Rifle
Ball Cap
Eye protection
Ear protection
Pen and Paper
Markers (Red and Black)

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