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General Instructor Development- February

Course length

40 Hours

About the course

Due to the required student presentations on Friday, this class is limited to a maximum of twenty students. This class should be taken by people who desire to become instructors, not resume builders or people interested in the topic.

Attending students learn how to develop and present a training topic of their choice. On Friday, they have 20-30 minutes to teach their course. This "practical" is evaluated and is used to determine if the student successfully learned the trained material.

There are two 4-hour "hands-on" workshops on Wednesday and Thursday after lunch. The workshops allow the students to apply their learning while developing their topic. Instructional feedback is provided to ensure students are correctly applying the concepts.

The Course is a mandated forty-hour course and each student must complete the entire 40-hours of training. Students that have a conflict and anticipate missing more than 4-hours should plan on attending a class when their schedule is clear. It's important that attending students adjust their court schedule, etc.. so they minimize missed time.

Missing 4-hours or less can often be "made up", however, a student that misses more then 4-hours is subject to withdrawal from the class.
DCJS requires that the following core topics to be covered:

Task and Cognitive Analysis, Roles of the Instructor & Adult Learning Principles
Fundamentals of Effective Communication, Liability Issues,
Ethics of instructors, Topic Research and Course Development
Instructional Goals, Lesson Objectives and Student Performance Objectives
Lesson Plan Development, Methods of Instruction, Instructional Aids
Criteria Testing and Test Construction

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