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Insurance Fraud Investigations

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Insurance Fraud Investigations

Note Location: Class held at Manassas Park Police Department

Fraudulent events and staged incidents are reported to the police with the intent of defrauding insurance companies. Untrained LEO's, through ignorance, are used by the criminal element to validate these false claims resulting in large insurance payoffs (theft).

Investigators with the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) instruct this two-day insurance fraud investigation class. This class educates LEO’s on the tactics and techniques used to commit these thefts.

Students will learn how to recognize a “staged accident”, where they occur, how they are committed and who commits them. The instructors explain how attorneys and medical care providers collaborate to profit from fictitious insurance claims. Students will learn investigative techniques that will help them identify these situations and pursue successful prosecutions.

Other included topics are:
• Why insurance companies pay
• Owner give ups (fraudulent vehicle thefts and arson)
• Fraudulent workers compensation claims, such as: slip and fall claims
• Home owner claim fraud, ie questionable burglaries
• Virginia Codes used to charge for these crimes
• This course will also include case studies of recent investigations
• Students will be introduced to the ISO database. This is the all inclusive claims depository used by the insurance industry to determine if anyone has been involved in any prior claims and could be of valuable assistance to a LE investigation.

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