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LE and Technology

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About the course

This 2-day class covers technology as it applies to LE operations. Some of the topics covered are: Facial Recognition, Surveillance in the future, Biometrics, Drones, Counter-Drone Technology, Robotics, Legal and Privacy Issues Associated with Technology.

Technology is changing law enforcement every day. Just turn on the news and one hears about the lengthy battle to finally gain access to information and where and when can law enforcement use a drone, technology tools, high resolution cameras or a tool and software to exploit a cell phone. From database and social media tools, smart phones, body-worn cameras, HD CCTV, devices for covert operations, innovations in armor for vehicles, biometrics, AI, robotics, to numerous other technologies that are still on the drawing board-the tools of a beat cop are changing every day.

This class explores some of the technologies, policies, and legal issues, for using these technologies and hear from some special guest speakers. Participants will explore and observe how they are using innovative technology in the National Capital Region and globally and how these technology tools will change the future of law enforcement. Participants will travel to the Center for Innovative Technology, MGM and a law enforcement site to see how technology is being used and might be used in the future to assist officers in solving crimes.

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