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Legal 303: Use of Force Liability for Supervisors

Course length

About the course

This class is designed for supervisors who may have to evaluate a use of force incident by an officer. Participants will recognize the role of adequate supervision and training in avoiding liability, and learn how to assure effective reports documenting use of force, injuries and after-care.

The class focuses on the importance of understanding how the courts currently evaluate and judges police use of force as well as some well-established cases and law. The course emphasizes effective evidence-gathering and articulation after a force event. Students will also examine real cases and practice evaluating the legality of uses of force both individually and during team exercises.

Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:

• State Liability for Use of Force
• Federal Liability for Use of Force & Qualified Immunity
• Standards for Non-Deadly Force
• Standards for Deadly Force
• False Arrest
• Pursuits and Roadblocks
• Supervisory Liability
• Training Liability
• Liability for Failure to Act
• Responses to Emergencies

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