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Liability Concerns and Cultural Diversity for Jail Staff

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About the course

This seminar focuses on methods of reducing civil liability (litigation) for jail staff. A concise review of inmate rights under the United States Constitution will be presented as well as recent court decisions that reflect the current trends of the courts. Discussions will illustrate how responsible jail staff actions actually can reduce their liability in lawsuits. The material will be presented from a practitioner’s perspective, which emphasizes proper action at both the mid-level managers and line staff levels. Being sued by inmates is an occupational hazard-and staff must learn ways to prevent lawsuits as much as possible. In addition, a state code update will be included.

Cultural Diversity for Jail Staff Class Description (MIR: 2 Cultural Diversity)
Like the general population, the inmate population in the local jail is a ‘melting pot’. Inmates from several different ethnic groups and minorities are incarcerated, and it is crucial that the jail officer and staff recognize this diversity, respect it and conduct themselves professionally. Bigotry and racial stereotyping have no place in the jail. This class will discuss both the cultural diversity among inmates and how the jail staff can use this knowledge to get along with the inmates, avoid bigotry, and earn the inmates’ respect. Racial profiling and how to avoid it will also be discussed. Race relations between staff and inmates must be positive; this class will address this issue.

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