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Mid-Level Narcotics Investigations

Course length


About the course

All registrations are through the NorthEast Counterdrug Training Center at:

Basic narcotic training courses focus on drug identification, types of informants, operational planning, and search warrant execution. Advanced narcotic training courses focus on drug cartels, money laundering, complex conspiracy investigations, and interstate/international wiretap cases. While these two types of training programs are a necessary part of drug enforcement, there is a considerable gap in the training available to law enforcement officers that target mid-level drug dealers. This training course will teach officers how to identify, target, infiltrate, and prosecute drug organizations that go undetected. Concepts utilized by federal agencies to dismantle interstate narcotic traffickers will be presented to show how the same concepts can be utilized by local and state police officers to dismantle narcotic dealers flooding communities with drugs.

This training curriculum was developed to target mid-level drug dealers using all available resources including both state and federal narcotic and firearm laws. All the material presented in this course is based solely on methods and techniques that have infiltrated numerous mid-level drug groups and know how to attack every aspect of the group to dismantle the entire organization.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:
1. Understand the philosophy of mid-level narcotic enforcement
2. Gain an understanding of conspiracy law
3. Identify the various types of mid-level drug organizations
4. Identify the various ways to gather intelligence information and how to calculate federal sentencing guidelines
5. Gain an understanding of the importance of case presentation prior to initiating an undercover operation
6. Manipulate and handle common street weapons during undercover operations
7. Target licensed gun dealers involved in the illegal distribution of firearms
8. Purchase street weapons while working in an undercover capacity
9. Understand safety concerns of long-term undercover operations
10. Understand the psychological effects that may develop during long-term undercover operations

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