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New Detectives

Course length

20 Hours Career Development & 4 Hours Legal

About the course

Location: Fairfax City Police Headquarters - 3730 Blenheim Blvd., Fairfax, VA 22030

This class is an introduction to detective’s role in an investigation. Various aspects of investigations will be will be discussed to include but not limited to technology, interviewing, operational planning and search warrants. The class will provide the new detective with the tools necessary to be a successful investigator. This highly interactive class will take the student from the initial police report through preparation for trial. A variety of Instructors will be used to provide different perspectives. The course includes 4 hours of legal credit provided by Elliott Casey.

* Discuss the characteristics of a good investigator
* Analyze the differences in patrol and detective work
* Identify issues dealing with office politics
* Identify how to develop witness
* See and learn about new technologies
* Analyze interviewing techniques
* Discuss search warrants
* Analyze operational security and operation plans
* Learn how to develop cases
* Learn how to prepare a case for attorney review

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