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OC Instructor Course

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OC Instructor
One of the most common law enforcement tools in use today, this 8 hour course focuses on the proper deployment of Oleoresin Capsicum (OC). The course is separated into lectured-based studies followed by a half-day of practical application drills, product testing and evaluation in the field. Unlike many classes on this topic, the information provided is direct from the manufacturer of the products used.

The course covers topics such as tactical considerations, decontamination/first aid, protective masks and criminal and civil liabilities, policies and procedures with a focus on instructor development to prepare the student to provide in-service training and documentation for their agency. Throughout the class, students participate in discussions with our instructors, who are nationally recognized for their experience in real world deployments of OC products. Upon completion of the course and successfully passing the final exam, the student may provide in-service training to their agency in specific areas for 36 calendar months from the testing date.

Each attendee must be physically fit for duty and able to perform the physical skills associated with tactical applications with the use of these products. The Safariland Training Group trains only sworn law-enforcement officers, correctional personnel, state-licensed security personnel (OC only) or active military personnel.
Required Equipment:
• Mandatory: Clear Safety Glasses used during inert spray force-on force exercises
• Recommended: Change of clothes post contamination.
Students will receive a CD containing the presentation, materials and video to be utilized by the student when for training in their own departments.

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