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Proactive Patrol and the Development of Communities of Trust

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About the course

Taking the concepts of Community Policing and Community Interaction to the Next Level with real world examples, successes and failures and what law enforcement can do to reinforce your officers in the communities they serve. The class will explore the concepts of proactive patrol coupled with Officer Safety and the development of “Communities of Trust.” Officers face many different dangers and stressful situations every day in the line of duty and this course armed them with strategies to protect themselves and their communities.

Very Special Guest Speakers
Shirley Ginwright- From the Lunch Counters of Birmingham and Mobile to Northern Virginia and Communities of Trust

Who Should Attend: Patrol Officers, Detectives, Supervisors, Commanders, Command Staff, Intel, Community Policing Officers and All Law Enforcement Officers.

Topics to be Covered Include:
• Proactive Patrol and Proactive Officer Safety Skills
• Arming Officers in the Public Square and the Communities They Serve
• Reinforcing Your Agency Within the Community They Serve
• Lessons From Ferguson, Missouri and Zone 18 in Guatemala City
• Developing Strategies to Build Communities of Trust
• Strategies to Protect Your Officers and Community
• Trust in the Digital World versus Trust in the Community
• Judgement, Poise, Conciliator-Old Skills in the Digital Age
• Bias, Cultural Awareness and Inclusion in Your Jurisdiction
• Proactive Community Relations
• Community Intelligence-Who’s Who in Your Jurisdiction
• Community Relations Becomes Intelligence-Three Circle Approach
• Empowering and Partnering The Community
• Lessons From Around the World That Are Important In Your Jurisdictions
• Lessons From HET

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