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Recruiting & Applicant Background Investigations

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About the course

Recruiting & Applicant Background Investigations

Course Summary

This course is designed to provide personnel with the skills and knowledge of how to recruit,
hire and retain quality personnel for their law enforcement agency. Participants will leave with
the skills and knowledge of the importance of not only recruiting but also retention of quality
personnel. It is just as important to keep the best people as it is to hire quality personnel.

An organizational assessment should be the first step in the process and the need to break the
cycle of mediocrity. Background investigators will leave with the knowledge of their role in the
selection process, the legal aspects of the background investigation, background interview
sources of information and preparing the investigation report.

Background investigations affect the future of an organization in many ways; thus, selection
practices are vital to ensuring that future law enforcement employees and supervisors are suited
for the variety of duties expected from the populations they serve. This course will provide
techniques, procedures, and sample forms for the background investigator.

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