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Safe Night- Proactive Alliance

Course length

16 Career Development

About the course

Proactive Alliance is an innovative training program that draws on principles of counseling psychology to teach police officers specific, immediately applicable techniques to establish long-term working relationships with community stakeholders. Proactive Alliance builds upon the three fundamental principles of community oriented policing (COP)—community partnerships, problem-solving, and organizational transformation—by empowering officers to become change agents in pursuit of the “coproduction” of public safety.

Proactive Alliance specifically helps officers to interact with those who are difficult to engage, rather than those entities that are already invested in collaborating with law enforcement, allowing authentic engagement with more diverse communities. With these relationships in place, when a crisis does arise, the options for problem solving widen and police can “crowd source” solutions through their collaborative community relationships. Proactive Alliance draws on evidence-based principles and practices from counseling psychology to provide an additional set of tools in the officer’s “duty belt,”
enabling officers to engage in active listening, connect, and problem-solve with community

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