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Sig Sauer Pistol Mounted Optics Instructors Course

Course length

About the course

The Pistol Mounted Optic concept is not new. However, in the past decade technology has enhanced the reliability and durability of the handgun mounted optic for duty and self-defense purposes. Teaching new students to use the Pistol Mounted Optic (PMO) presents unique challenges. For example, many students have trouble simply acquiring the red dot with the dominant or non-dominant hand and while firing multiple shots. Performance-based training techniques will be used throughout this Instructor level course to get maximum performance from the students.

Topics Covered:
Review the types of red dots and mounting options
Training considerations
Policy considerations
Daily Inspection and Maintenance considerations
How to properly zero
Advantages and limitations of a pistol mounted sight
Marksmanship fundamentals review
Downed Optic Drills
Variable Lighting Considerations
Alternative Positions
Using a pistol mounted optic around barriers
Single Hand Shooting
Multiple shot considerations
Shooting on the move
Multiple target engagement techniques
Establishing performance-based training techniques

SIG SAUER will have on-hand (16) P320RX 9mm pistols (and associated holster, mag pouch) to accommodate those students who may not yet possess their own gear. If you have your own equipment (regardless of brand), you should bring it and use it. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask!
Handgun with mounted optic
Mag pouch
Holster: Duty or OWB (no deep concealment holsters)
If not using a duty holster (or borrowing ours) wear a decent belt
Magazines: minimum 3
Ammunition: 1000 rounds
Ear and Eye protection
Sight adjustment tools
Spare batteries for optic
Knee and elbow pads/optional

Estimated Round Count: 1000 rounds of pistol ammunition

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