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Simunitions Instructor Certification

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SIMUNITION® Scenario New Instructor, Instructor ReCertification, and Safety Certification Course

October 23-24, 2024
(this time helps to avoid conflict with recruit training)

The Simunition® Scenario Instructor and Safety Certification Course is designed to provide critical training to instructors who will conduct reality-based training within their department. The course will provide hands- on instruction in scenario based training program development and training methodology and will give practical experience to students on the best use of Simunition®training products in a highly effective, realistic, extremely safe training course.

Simunition® will provide converted training firearms, FX® personal protective equipment, all FX®and SecuriBlank® training ammunition, as well as training aids such as inert training props.
➢ If you choose to bring your own converted weapon(s) and/or personal protective equipment, please see the outline below and your instructor before the course starts.

Students should also bring seasonal outdoor clothing, outer garment for role playing, protective gloves, a ball cap, protective eyewear, notebook, pen, and duty holster.

At no time are any lethal weapons or ammunition needed nor allowed during any of the training events

Instructors: SIMs Training staff

Coordinator: Bob Tokarchic, 703-554-6243,

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