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Speed Measurement Operator- RADAR & LIDAR

Course length


About the course

The Speed Measurement RADAR and LIDAR Operator course is a 4-day, ten hour class. It teaches the fundamentals of RADAR and LIDAR Speed Measurement operations. The class is based upon DCJS training mandates and guidelines.
This course includes Set-Up, Test and Operate testing and eight hours of hands-on Field Training as required by DCJS. Attending students are required to bring a, agency RADAR and a LIDAR unit with them to class. This ensures that students are being tested and trained to use the speed measurement devices used by their agencies.

The class consists of four 10-hour days:
- Day 1 and Day 2 start at 0700-1730.
- Day 3 is an evening shift, the start time is normally 1300 hours
- Day 4 the start time will be determined on how late the class stays out on Day 3
- These hours accommodate the need to conduct nighttime training and field testing.

Child care issues should be considered when enrolling.

Class offered again on May 11-14, 2021 and October 5-8, 2021

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