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Speed Measurement RADAR and LIDAR Instructor Course

Course length

About the course

The Speed Measurement Radar & LIDAR Instructor Course is a 40-hour course, designed to teach current Radar and LIDAR Operators how to teach and test the fundamentals of the Radar and LIDAR Operation. The course content corresponds with the Radar and LIDAR Operator curriculum. The DCJS Radar and LIDAR Training Guidelines and Objectives are the foundation of the class.

Attending students must have a minimum of three years’ experience as Radar and/or LIDAR Operators.

The classroom hours are 0700-1730, but Day 3, which is the field training and testing day requires evening hours. Day 3 training hours are 1300-2130.

 Due to night work, childcare issues should be considered when enrolling in the class.

Attending students are not required to be General Instructors, but they must complete a General Instructor course within a few months of completing the Speed Measurement Instructor Course.

Students must bring an agency Radar and LIDAR unit to class with them.

Questions can be direct to Bob Tokarchic, Course Coordinator, 703-554-6243 or email:

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