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Terrorist Planning Cycle

Course length

8 Career Development

About the course

The emergence of terrorist attacks within the United States challenges uniformed Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) to be vigilant, frontline defenders capable of disrupting these threats. Since the 9/11 tragedy, the Department of Defense along with other agencies identified seven steps typically used by terrorists who plan attacks. The seven steps are derived from hand-written, translated notes from the most notorious terrorist of our time, Osama Bin Laden. Because many of these steps are done in public view, each of the steps will be individually revealed in the classroom so that agency personnel will be able to sharpen their personal detection skills.

This instruction is an introduction to the seven steps of a terrorist planning cycle, the five criteria for target selection, six target selection categories, the three cycle steps that are most important to LEOs and Random Anti-Terrorism Measures (RAM). Analysis of some of the most recent heinous events will also be discussed. The ultimate course goal is to provide real-world examples and insights that will improve officer skills in detection and disruption of terror plots.

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